Booking System

Системи за резервације

Our web-based booking systems can be basic or advanced, each created and tailored to your organization's unique needs and desires.


Is your company in need of a complex booking system? We have experience in large booking systems for various types of businesses, such as event organizers, conferences, and courses.

We also develop additional services within each booking system, including invoicing, statistical reports, e-mail, and/or SMS confirmation sent automatically to your clients, etc. It is also possible to connect the booking systems to any web based external service or program. Payment solutions can also be ordered as an option, including payments by credit card, invoice, or direct payment via online banking.

Booking systems from ZWEBB can be ordered as a cloud service or as a standalone application on your own server.

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Техничке карактеристике

Platform All (platform independent)
Environment Linux, HTML5, Symfony PHP, MySQL
Control panel Web based with login page
Data export CSV or SQL format
Backup Daily
Attribute Type Value
0 string '1-2 days'
1 string '1 month'
2 string 'offer'
3 string '€ 15 / month'
4 string '2 years'


Основни Напредни
Delivery Time 1-2 days offer
Free Support 1 month 2 months
Installation Fee offer offer
Maintenance Cost € 15 / month starting at € 45 / month
Product Warranty 2 years 3 years

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