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Системи за одржавање

The UHS Live Maintenance Management System is an online tool for real-time monitoring of installations, service intervals, consumables, and equipment.


Does your organization want a clear overview of all maintenance issues? The service system from ZWEBB is a unique computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), providing a complete picture of all service and maintenance related issues within your company. By using our maintenance management system with its email and visual reminders, you will never miss an upcoming service period for any of your customers.

The UHS Live Maintenance Management System can monitor light bulbs, equipment, machinery, and all types of installations with maintenance needs. The system checks statuses in real-time and reports interruptions and upcoming service intervals, all controlled from a single, web based, mobile-friendly control panel.

Among our satisfied customers are Cardi AB and Stadium AB from Sweden. They have utilized  our Maintenance Management System since 2012 for the administration and maintenance of light bulbs in all Stadium stores in Scandinavia and Germany (totaling more than 150 stores).

Техничке карактеристике

Platform All (platform independent)
Environment Linux, HTML5, PHP, MySQL
Control panel Web based CMS
Data export CSV eller SQL format
Backup Daily
Attribute Type Value
0 string '2-3 weeks'
1 string '1 month'
2 string 'offer'
3 string 'starting at € 45'
4 string '2 years'


Основни Напредни
Delivery Time 2-3 weeks offer
Free Support 1 month 3 months
Installation Fee offer offer
Maintenance Cost starting at € 45 offer
Product Warranty 2 years 3 years

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