Interactive Product Guide

Интерактивни водич

The Interactive Product Guide (IPG) is an online, tablet-optimized presentation tool for presentation of products, ideas, and concepts.


PowerPoint is passé

Presenting complex products, which are complicated to describe, is not an easy task. Sometimes you only have a few seconds to come to the point...

The IPG is the tablet-optimized presentation tool, designed to make your complex product presentation quick, easy, and understandable - above all - something your customer will remember. You can choose where your presentation will start, its flow, and the conclusion. The presentation is not linear, like PowerPoint, so it doesn't need to be used in the same order every time.

The advantage of the IPG is the time saving and efficiency you and your sales team achieve while using it. Online presentations can be reused in various movement patterns for each unique client.

Another advantage is IPG is an independent platform that works both online and offline. This means you can be on any site, with a tablet, without a Wi-Fi connection, pursuing your professional concept presentation.  

This concept was developed in close collaboration with our client Alimak Hek, the world's leading producer of industrial elevators and work platforms.

How do you build an IPG sales presentation?

The creation of a new product presentation requires these four steps:

  1. Upload your images
  2. Organize the structure
  3. Place your links and notes on each image
  4. Go!

Good images are essential for a professional IPG presentation. Simply create your first product guide using the easy picture upload with the drag-and-drop method. Once your images are placed, you can link them together and create notes for each part of the object you want to explain further.

Short notes at the bottom of each page will help you during the presentation. Your customers will be impressed with your product and never forget the important information presented!

Start impressing your potential clients with our unique, professional product presentation tool.

Important! Latest version of IPG is available as a separate product - OctaSales, with focus on sales presentations.

Техничке карактеристике

Platform Any tablet or OS - iPad/IOS, Samsung/Android etc (platform independent)
Environment Linux, HTML5, PHP, MySQL
Control panel Web based with login
Data export/import  CSV eller SQL format, with or without REST Api
Synchronization with CRM Yes, works together with all modern CRM systems
Backup Daily, including both online and offline version for download
Additional features Access and privilege control, presentation library, unlimited users
Attribute Type Value
0 string '1-2 weeks'
1 string '1 month'
2 string 'offer'
3 string 'starting at € 45'
4 string '2 years'


Основни Напредни
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks 2-3 weeks
Free Support 1 month 2 months
Installation Fee offer offer
Maintenance Cost starting at € 45 offer
Product Warranty 2 years 3 years

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